Len Ward

Len Ward has been an architect and a photographer for 30 years with one discipline or the other taking precedence at different times. His photographic training began in university and has expanded over the years through many courses and workshops where he learned from photographic artists such as Karin Rosenthal, Kim Weston and Eiko Hosoe. Originally working in medium and large format film (processing and printing his own work) he came to the digital world later than most. As an architect and as a photographer Len continues to use whatever tools best lend themselves to the language of the project at hand. He believes that the mind, the heart and the eye have a greater influence on creativity than do tools or technology.

Wishing to bring greater integration to his activities, he started arts&architecture in 2007 as a creative venture which would combine a design practice, photographic studio and a gallery dedicated to fine art photography. While the gallery is currently in hibernation, he and his associates are about to move their design and photographic practice to a new space they have designed to better support their work.

Len has found that his architectural background continues to influence his photography – he believes that both disciplines owe much to matters of line and form, distance and perception, texture and tone, and the ever-changing play of light. His current photographic interests include the human figure in both natural and urban landscapes, studio projects and collaborations with artists working in other disciplines. In addition to his personal projects, he enjoys doing commissioned work for private individuals and businesses.

You can see Len’s work here.