Maggie NITH

Maggie Dee

Maggie Dee is considered both a photographer and an artist. Dee works with the equine industry creating works of art using horses. Dee is currently exhibiting her Art of the Horse show in Hamilton, Ontario. The show is running through to June 8th at CCMA(Community Centre for Media Arts. 3 Rebecca Street).

The current show features Arabian purebreds an animal known for sleek lines and powerful stature. Dee’s equine work has been purchased and published worldwide and is something she is very passionate about. The images invoke more of a movie vignette and take the viewer into a journey of the mind.

After shooting models for many years, Dee compares many similarities in the lines you have to pay attention to. The importance of composition, lighting etc when shooting these animals isn’t unlike shooting fashion models.

Dee considers her photography career too be full of interesting experiences. She has photographed world leaders, celebrities, corporate giants and fashion models. The one thing that I enjoy most about photographing models and horses is that they communicate silently, with their bodies and expression. Dee enjoys this type of work immensely because as an artist you get to direct fully. In the end the work has your heart and soul in the image because there is no interruption to your vision.

You can see Maggie’s work here.