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As we get closer to the shoot date of Sunday July 14th, I will be posting some more info on how things work. For this post, I’ll be breaking down how I choose the shooters. Basically, what I am after is the perfect blend of ‘eyes’. To that end, each year will see the following:

– at least 2 female photographers
– one assistant
– one student
– one anomaly (whom I already have for this year)
– one naked in the house website entrant

The remaining slots are filled with established pros, but from as many different disciplines or styles as I think will best gel together. And myself, although I don’t participate in the actual competition.

Why is it so important to get the right mixture? If you look at the previous years, you will (I hope) agree that it’s the variety that really makes naked in the house so special. It’s all about your eye, not how many years you’ve been shooting, not how much money you make, not how many assistants you have, not how big your studio is and especially not about your ego. I know that for me, I leave the party at the end of each year with 11 new sets of eyes. (Damn! Why didn’t I think of that? Why didn’t I make her jump? Why didn’t I drape her in that prop? Why didn’t I get her to pose like that?)

This year the entire process will be filmed as a documentary, not as a TV-style one hour special. It’s going to be a LOT more interesting. And raw. And real.

More to come.

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