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Robert Goshgarian

This is a true story: Once upon a time, Robert Goshgarian sold meat.

This part isn’t exactly true, but it does however, further the narrative: One day, on his door-to-door meat route, Robert rang the bell at a particular house. A woman answered the door – unshaven and bleary-eyed, reeking of Ouzo and cigars. She was only partially clothed and clutched an ancient Leica in one nicotine-stained hand.

Suddenly, Robert realized what he was meant to do with his life. He gratefully unloaded the rest of his meat (2 porterhouse steaks, 5 pounds of chorizo and a lamb shank) on his obviously malnourished inspiration, and went off to study photography.

Truthfully, it was soon after that Robert started his career with Westside studio and has become a successful and sought-after commercial photographer. His photos have been featured in Communication Arts, Applied Arts and Marketing Magazine, and he has earned awards from the Art Directors Club of Canada and The One Show. He shoots advertising, travel, editorial and still life.

But Robert is still hungry. Not hungry for meat (he’s had more than enough of that) but hungry to do really good work. Like a lot of people who start humbly, Robert is passionate about his chosen profession, and brings dedication and enthusiasm to every job.

Please feed Robert’s obsession with photography, and give him a call.

You can see Robert’s work here.