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I am pleased to welcome CNIB (Canadian National Institute for the Blind) as our charitable partner.

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The shoot will be happening in May/June with the party to follow. Location details will be coming soon. There is a lot of interest! If you are a female photographer, please submit yourself for consideration as I feel it is important to keep the roster balanced. Students too. Submit now as once I publish the shoot and closing submission dates, there is usually a huge rush.

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New Year

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Still in talks with the owner of the potential location but so far it looks as if we will potentially be shooting in late spring of next year (2013). I will keep you posted as things progress. If you are a photographer and are thinking of getting into the competition, follow this link to submit your work. Sooner is better as I’m already sorting through quite a few potential candidates. That’s it for now. Have a great Holiday Season. 🙂 (PS click READ MORE to activate the...

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Location Update

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I am close to securing a location for the shooting of this year’s event. The owner of the home is currently in Morocco and will return in two weeks. I’ll know more then. And so will you.

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Traveling to Chicago

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I will be in Chicago next week to participate in a Cinema 4D conference. While there, I will be approaching the first photographer I have in mind to participate in this year’s event.

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Headshots is our First Sponsor!

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I am pleased to announce that HEADSHOTS is our first sponsor! They will be supplying us with all the gear our photographers will be shooting with. And if that doesn’t quite make sense, stay tuned as more details will be forthcoming.

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First Sponsor on Board

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I am pleased to announce we have our first sponsor on board! Details are being finalized and everything should be locked down in the next 10 days or sooner. After that, MANY more details are going to be made available, including a shooting date and a party date. If you are thinking about submitting your work as a photographer to participate in this year’s competition, NOW IS THE TIME. Once things get moving, naked in the house fills up FAST. I am very excited!

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More Sponsor news

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Sorry things are taking so long but to execute Naked in the House to the high standard you are all accustomed to requires time, energy and money. There have been some very positive developments and some elements are now in place. But not all of them. I will let you know the minute I ink the final deal. Thank-you for your patience.

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Things are inching forward and I am currently in talks with several sponsors. I am still looking at locations as well.

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Digital or Film?

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There have been lots of people asking how the ‘one roll of film’ thing will be handled. To clarify, naked in the house will be digital this year and for all the years henceforth. I had originally approached smart card manufacturers about partnering and having us use a special card with a firmware modification. This proved to be far too problematic so instead, you as a photographer can shoot what you like but only your first 12 images will be considered for the competition. And you will have to tape up your back so you can’t see what you shot. In-camera editing is strictly prohibited, if you haven’t figured that out...

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